Park Rules

Park Rules


Cancellations/changes made 48 hrs or fewer hours prior to the scheduled arrival day will result in a cancellation fee, plus your $10.00 reservation fee which is non refundable.  The one night fee will be charged to your credit card.

Cancellation/Changes for Cabin

Cancellations/changes made 48 hrs or less prior to the scheduled arrival day will result in a cancellation fee, plus your $10.00 reservation fee which is non refundable.   CABINS CAN ONLY BE RESERVED AND PAID FOR BY USING A CREDIT CARD.  A WAIVER MUST BE SIGNED UPON ARRIVAL.

**For seasonal campers, please refer to your agreement for cancellation policy.**

Please note that the campground does not offer 2 serviced lots. Water is not available to each individual site. Water stations are available and located throughout the campground. These water stations are available for all campers (seasonal and transient use). We recommend transient campers fill up their trailer tank prior to arriving at the park. Should you choose to use the water station, you must bring a "Y" hookup with you as well as a long enough hose. You must attached the "Y" to the water station and then attach your hose to your "Y". Please do not disconnect other hoses or remove "Ys" already in place.

Check-In / Check-Out Times

Campsite Check-in: 2:00 PM
Campsite Check-out: 1:00 PM  (Cabin Check - Out is 11:00 AM)

Loud Noise - disturbing other persons

Quiet time is from 11 pm to 8 am.  No radios, televisions, musical instruments or loud conversations, etc. during quiet hours.  No excessive noise permitted at any time. Please be considerate. Please keep the volume of your music, voices and other noises to a reasonable level. 

Alcohol, Cannabis & Illegal Drugs

- Alcohol and cannabis are only permitted on registered campsites.  Intoxication of any kind in a public area is prohibited
- Alcohol and cannabis are not permitted in day-use or other public areas
- Substance abuse including illegal drugs is prohibited

Camping and Vehicle Permits

- Permit holder must be 25 years of age and have proof of age
- Only two (2) vehicles allowed per site.  One vehicle is registered under your permit and a vehicle pass must be purchased for the second vehicle.  All other vehicles must park in beach/picnic area parking.
- Up to three (3) pieces of shelter equipment allowed per site, only one of which may be a trailer or tent trailer.  One storage shed/unit is permitted and is not to exceed 60"x79"x 54" in size.  The storage shed/bin shall not be considered a piece of shelter equipment.  Shed must be approved by Park Supervisor.
- All passes for camping, vehicles and boat launch must be displayed on vehicle dashboard or rearview mirror, at all times
- Campers must maintain a clean and orderly site at all times
- Campsites must be cleaned before leaving the site; campers are responsible for all garbage and recyclable material during their stay as well as departure.
- Campfires are permitted in designated areas only.  They must be contained within the designated fire pit and no bigger than 3'x3'x3'.  Never leave a fire unattended.
- Garden plantings of any kind (permanent or temporary) will not be permitted on campsites, except in a plant container that may only be erected on own equipment (i.e. deck or awning) and must be approved by the Park Supervisor.  Growing of cannabis is prohibited.
- Fences and/or barriers are not permitted
- Swimming pools, wading pools, hot tubs and outdoor spas are not allowed
- Boats and trailers must be stored in the designated area

General Rules and Regulations

- Children under the age of 16 years must be on their own campsite by 10 pm unless accompanied by an adult
- The speed limit in Charlottenburgh Park is 10 km/hr
- This is a conservation area within a natural setting - please keep it natural.  No person shall damage any property or cut, remove, damage any plant or shrub.  It is against the law to remove or destroy anything in the park.
- The RRCA is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property
- Any improvements to campsites (decks, patios, shed, trailer, pads, tree plantings, etc.) are subject to approval by the Park Supervisor before work begins.
- Fireworks are prohibited in the park
- Firearms are prohibited in the park
- Hunting is prohibited in the park
- Smoking is forbidden in any park building
- Generators are not permitted (except for special circumstances which would require approval from Park Supervisor)

Changing Your Site

In order to change sites, you must first enquire which sites are available for your length of stay. DO NOT set up camp until your permits have been confirmed and physically changed by the gatehouse staff. 

Extending Your Length of Stay

To extend your stay, you must renew your permit at the registration office prior to Check-Out time on departure day (1 p.m. for campsites or 11.00 a.m. for cabins), providing the site has no reservations. Site specific reservations do take priority. 

Shortening Your Length of Stay/Refund

To shorten your stay, you must do so at the registration office prior to 1 p.m. on the day of your departure. No refunds for early departures during minimum stay periods. 


Vehicles may be parked in designated areas only. 

Unlicensed Motor Vehicles, All Terrain Vehicles, Bicycles & Golf Carts

ATV's, off-road motorcycles/vehicles are not permitted.  Gas/propane/battery operated golf carts are allowed but are subject to the following:
   - golf cart drivers must be 16 years of age or older
   - golf carts may only be operated on park roadways.  They are prohibited from walking trails, fields or woodlots
   - the number of occupants riding on a golf cart cannot exceed the manufacturer's designated seating capacity
   - bicycles are permitted on park roads only


- Pets must be on a leash, not exceeding six feet and kept under control at all times
- Pets are not allowed in the swimming, beach or picnic area or any areas adjacent to these locations
- Owners must pick up after their pets


All visitors to the campground must purchase a day use pass and park in designated parking areas.  Visitors are admitted during the normal hours of the park.

Hours may be restricted at other times at the discretion of the Supervisor.

Visitors must vacate property by 11:00 pm nightly.

Number of People per Site

A maximum of six people.

Seasonal Sites -  maximum of six (6) people or a single family (parents and children under the age of 25 years). 


The beach and waterfront are unsupervised. Swim at your own risk. Never swim alone or in unmarked areas. Use the buddy system. Watch children and non-swimmers at all times. 

Boating, Water-skiing, Jet-skiing, etc.

All watercrafts are prohibited in the swimming area and in areas directly adjacent to the swimming area and within 200 feet directly adjacent to the swimming area. 

Leaving Vehicles or Boats Unattended

Your vehicle or boat should never be unattended, except in an area designated for that purpose or by the permission of the Park Supervisor of Charlottenburgh Park. 

Sales of Goods and Services

Only authorized concessionaires are permitted to sell goods and services in Charlottenburgh Park.

All campers must abide by and adhere to all rules and regulations.  Campers must recognize that the Park Supervisor and staff are responsible for interpretation and enforcement of these rules and regulations.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to all campers and visitors.  Charlottenburgh Park users who violate the Code of Conduct will be dealt with through consequences of the Zero Tolerance Policy.

The Code of Conduct identifies generally accepted expectations of behavior in a public environment.  The Code identifies the following behaviour as unacceptable:

- Violence or threats of violence
- Speeding above the posted 10 km/hr maximum
- Damage to property, vehicles and the natural environment
- Excessive noise
- Drunkenness/intoxication of any kind and/or substance abuse (illegal drugs)
- Abuse, including neglect, comment or conduct that demeans, humiliates, embarrasses, intimidates, threatens or has an adverse effect on an invididual(s)
- No person shall willfully damage any public or private property, buildings, or other facilities
- Dangerous behaviour (i.e. lack of animal control, fires in inappropriate locations)
- Any other activity that compromises the goal and objectives of this policy, as identified at the discretion of the Park Supervisor

Zero Tolerance Policy

The goal of the Zero Tolerance Policy is to identify primary enforcement concerns, to establish basic procedures to respond to those concerns, and to communicate the intent of the policy to Charlottenburgh Park users.

The objectives of this goal are:
- To respond to violent and/or unacceptable behaviour with immediate consequences
- To reject violence (verbal, visual or physical) against another person

The Zero Tolerance Policy establishes clear and fair consequences for unacceptable behaviour.

Range of Consequences
1. Verbal warning
2. First written warning
3. Second written warning
4. Expulsion from Charlottenburgh Park