The Conservation Authorities Act is the regulatory program which empowers the Conservation Authority to establish regulations dealing with environmental protection.  Under Section 28 of the Conservation Authorities Act, the Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) administers O. Reg. 175/06 Development, Interference with Wetlands & Alterations to Shorelines & Watercourses within the RRCA jurisdiction.

Applicable Legislation

  • The Conservation Authorities Act
  • O. Reg. 175/06 Development, Interference with Wetlands & Alterations to Shorelines & Watercourses

The Intent of O. Reg. 175/06 Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alteration to Shorelines & Watercourses

The Development, Interference with Wetlands & Alteration to Shorelines and Watercourses Regulation made under the Conservation Authorities Act compliments activities related to the Planning Act where the Provincial Policy Statement cannot be directly applied, for example for applications related to:

  • Development and/or site alterations on existing lots of record not requiring a planning application;
  • Septic System Approvals; and
  • Shoreline Protection Works.

In these circumstances, the Province’s natural hazards management program can be implemented and restrictions can be applied through the Conservation Authorities Act, or more specifically O. Reg. 175/06 in order to:

  • Prevent loss of life, minimize property damage and social disruption;
  • Reduce public and private expenditure for emergency operation, evacuation and restoration, and protection measures;
  • Regulate development which, singularly or collectively, impact upon existing flood levels, and increase potential risk to upstream and downstream landowners;
  • Control interference (fill/or drainage) with natural storage areas such as wetlands;
  • Encourage the conservation of land through the control of development on existing or potentially unstable valley slopes or shoreline bluffs; and
  • Control development regarding potential sources of pollution, including but not limited to erosion, sedimentation, the degradation of water resources, etc.

In short, the Planning Act is a tool to proactively identify and regulate hazards through the Planning Process, while the Conservation Authorities Act and the related permit approval process can regulate activities not subject to a planning application. 

RRCA O. Reg. 175/06 Enforceable Area

The RRCA enforces O. Reg. 175/06 along the St. Lawrence River System and Hoople Creek. The straightening, changing, diverting or interfering in any way with the existing channel of any river, creek, stream or watercourse is also enforced throughout the entire RRCA watershed jurisdiction.