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Raisin River Canoe Race » Rules & Regulations

Race Date is: Sunday April 27, 2014

All participants under the age of 18 must have a parental or legal guardian’s signature or waiver form.

All participants must wear a T.O. or F.O.C. approved life jacket.  Participants will be disqualified if life jacket is not worn during the course of the race.

Open canoes only will quality.  Two persons to one canoe.  Fastened to each canoe must be a fifty feet rope and a pealess whistle. 

Use right (west) side only for shooting the dam.  No overland portages with the exception of the Martintown Portage will be permitted.  Canoeists may carry their canoe along the river’s edge at the rapids for safety purposes only.  They must re-enter the water at the earliest safe location.

Commonly used rules of sportsmanship must be followed at all times

No alcoholic beverages.  Use of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted throughout the race.  Disqualification will occur.

PRO CANOES ONLY: Max. of 18’6” in length.  The canoe at the 3” waterline must not be less than 27” in width.

17ft OPEN: Canoes must be max. of 17’ and greater than 16’ in length and no less than 32” wide at the 3” waterline.

ALL RECREATIONAL CLASSES: Canoes must be 16’ in length and no less than 32” wide at the 3” waterline.

SOLO CANOES: must compete in officially recognized classes in which their canoe measurements apply.

ADULT/YOUTH: Youth must be 17 years of age or younger.

STUDENT CLASSES: Students must be 18 years of age or younger and must be registered at an intermediate school or high school.

                                                     (in the end - a cheater is never a winner)

FOR SAFETY PRECAUTIONS:  The wearing of helmets at all times throughout the race is recommended.  Bring a spare paddle and a bailing bucket.  Also, bring a container of drinking water and a light snack.  Have dry clothes close by.

RAPIDS & DAM: Caution should be exercised by participants entering rapids and at the dam in Martintown.

DISQUALIFICATIONS will occur as a result of shooting the dam on the left (east) side or middle, taking unnecessary risks, endangering safety of others, use of alcoholic beverages and/or un-sportsmanlike conduct.

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