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Black Tern Nesting Enhancement

Black Tern (Chlidonias niger) Nesting Success within the St. Lawrence River (Cornwall) Area of Concern

Common Name: black tern
Scientific Name: Chlidonias niger
Ontario Risk Status: Special Concern

Project Goals/Objectives

The black tern is a important local speices whose populations have been declining recently.  Currently there are several nesting colonies withing the AOC located on Lake St. Francis and within the Garry River watershed.  A study examing the impact fluctuating water levels may have on the nesting success of the Garry River population was initiated in 2005.  As well the nesting success of the colonies within Lake St. Francis were also monitored for comparison purposes.  As a way of reducing nesting losses from water level fluctuations a series of floating nesting platforms were instaled throughout the nesting area of the Garry River colony.

This project involved locating existing nesting platforms in early May.  A nesting surface consisting of lily pad leaves, dirt, and dead vegetation was then placed on these existing platforms at which point they were left undisturbed until late June.  Monitoring the nesting activity of the black terns involves visiting each nesting platform on a weekly basis during the nesting season to determine the nests success (number of young/nest).  At this time an effort is made to locate and monitor the success of natural nest in both the Loch Garry/Middle Lake colony, as well as the colonies along the St. Lawrence River.  The nests are monitored until the eggs hatch and the young are mobile enough to escape from view.

If you have and questions pertaining to this porject please contact:

Brendan Jacobs
Wildlife Monitoring Supervisor
e-mail: brendan.jacobs@rrca.on.ca
Tel: 613-938-3611 ext: 234

Chris Critoph
Manager of Environmental Services
e-mail: chris.critoph@rrca.on.ca
Tel: 613-938-3611 ext: 223

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