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Osprey Monitoring

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) Reproduction within the St. Lawrence River (Cornwall) Area of Concern

Related Delisting Criteria:

Habitat Impairments: Species (breeding) that are, but should not be, rare in the AOC

Delisting Criteria:  XIII-2 Presence of successfully reproducing osprey in the AOC for a minimum of 5 years

Project Goals/Objectives:

The monitoring of ospreys within the AOC commenced in 2005 and was conducted by the MNR, Kemptville District.  In 2006, the RRCA took over the monitoring.  To date thirteen nesting sites have been located within the AOC (see map and table for nest survey results).  Starting the first week of May and running to the end of August these thirteen sites are visited once a week by RRCA field staff.  Any nesting activity is noted and those nests that are active are observed once a week for the full survey period.  An effort is also made to locate new nesting sites in the hopes of adding to the number already located.  Nesting success is defined as the successful rearing of young until they take flight.

The reasoning behind choosing ospreys as a species of study for the Area of Concern (AOC) is that it is vulnerable to a number of the conditions that are affecting this stretch of the St. Lawrence River, such as: contaminant accumulation, habitat destruction and degradation, excessive aquatic plant growth, and exotic species.  This vulnerability, which is dues to their high position within the food chain makes them an excellent indication species for measuring environmental/ecosystem health.  The results from monitoring over a period of several years will be an indicator of the overall health of the ecosystem.

For further information pertaining to this project please contact:

Brendan Jacobs
Wildlife Monitoring Supervisor
e-mail: brendan.jacobs@rrca.on.ca
Tel: 613-938-3611 ext: 234

Chris Critoph
Manager of Environmental Services
e-mail: chris.critoph@rrca.on.ca
Tel: 613-938-3611 ext: 22

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