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Littoral Zone Enhancement

Designated as requiring a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) by the Water Quality Board of the International Joint Commission, a Littoral Zone Habitat Restoration Study was prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Raisin Region Conservation Authority in 1993 and a variety of restoration initiatives were subsequently undertaken including  the construction of reefs and embayments at a number of locations along the City of Cornwall waterfront.  One of the projects involved the installation of a cool water stream within the EcoGardens in downtown Cornwall which has seen the successful spawning of Chinook Salmon and documented use by Cutlip Minnow, a species at risk.  Ongoing monitoring indicates an increase in diversity of fish populations within the Cornwall littoral zone since construction of the various habitat features.

A report summarizing the reef projects (The effectiveness of artificial reefs as habitat structures in a heavily industrialized reach of the St. Lawrence River:  Fish abundance and species richness”) is available for download.  For additional information, please contact Chris Critoph, Manager of Environmental Services.  chris.critoph@rrca.on.ca.

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